Entrevista a Paul Levitz de DC

26 08 2009


The audience is getting wider so much faster. Everything that we had talked about last year that we were hoping for with Watchmen seems to have taken place. We’re seeing in the sales statistics a migratory pattern of new people coming in, trying things, sampling things in just astronomic numbers.(…)

When you had a very small section of graphic novels in the comic shop it was very easy for the proprietor to bet on anything that happened to be in the catalog. It doesn’t matter whether I know anything about the writer, or the artist, you got a good little blurb. When you go to a world in which the large publishers are sending you out a galley version of the graphic novel six months in advance, and are announcing on the back cover the five-step marketing program that they’re doing for it, it’s a lot harder for the little guy who’s launching it from home to do it.

Via: The Beat




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