Vladimir Nabokov y los cómics

28 07 2009


Nabokov‘s interest in comic strips was not limited to his childhood. Axel Rex, protagonist of Laughter in the Dark, is a cartoonist, the creator of Cheepy. Bend Sinister also features an invented comic strip (Etermon) and Speak, Memory pays its coded tribute to Otto Soglow‘s strip The Little King. Alfred Appel, whose 1974 Nabokov’s Dark Cinema (New York, Oxford UP) remains the best introduction to Nabokov’s use of images from popular culture, surveys his American comic strip allusions (pp. 74-85). Dick Tracy and Kerry Drake figure in Lolita, as does Lo’s favorite strip Penny. Appel also quotes a personal conversation in which Nabokov mused: “Dennis the Menace doesn’t look like his father. Could he be illegitimate?” (31). When he ponders writing a letter about it to The Herald Tribune, “he is dissuaded by Vèra who remarks that the paper had not printed his earlier letter about plot inconsistencies in Rex Morgan.”

—D. Barton Johnson, “Nabokov’s Golliwoggs: Lodi Reads English 1899-1909”

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Dennis the Menace por Jaime Hernández

6 04 2009

Tras el éxito de la adaptación al cómic de los teleñecos a cargo de Roger Langridge, en Robot 6 se han dejado llevar por la imaginación para presentan varias ideas muy sugerentes para continuar esta línea:

1. Dennis the Menace por Jaime Hernandez

2. Casper por Jill Thompson

3. Powerpuff Girls por Bryan Lee O’Malley

4.  Herculoids por Jeff Parker and Mike Mignola

5. Raggedy Ann and Andy por Tony Millionaire

6. H.R. Puffnstuff por Grant Morrison y Brendan McCarthy